Undoubtedly, the bottom line is the number one concern for any construction project. Most would agree that it would not be considered a success if your residential, commercial, or industrial build comes in over budget. Many general contractors and builders may contemplate foregoing professional site security to save money off the get-go, but does the risk out weight the reward?

3 Ways Temporary Construction Site Security Pays for Itself

According to an East Tennessee State University study, construction site theft results in approximately one billion dollars in direct losses annually in the United States. (source: http://ascpro0.ascweb.org/archives/cd/2019/paper/CPRT247002019.pdf) The leading culprits targeted by criminals are tools, heavy equipment, building materials, household items, and vehicle parts, so it is easy to see that every construction site has many assets that can quickly be taken from you. Here are three ways that you can avoid substantial financial losses on the job site by getting professional services in place from day one:

Avoid Costly Material Loss. Construction tools and materials are at an all-time high, so protecting them while they sit on your property is the most important way to keep your project in the black. Theft and vandalism can happen from both internal and external sources, so it’s essential that everyone knows your construction site is properly secured.

Keep Timelines On Track. If an incident does occur and you have to reorder materials that have been stolen, it’s almost guaranteed that your timelines will be pushed back while waiting for replacements to arrive. With long lead times and supply chain issues, a minor theft can add up to weeks or months of project delays.

Fend Off Unnessesary Administrative Costs. Should your construction site be a target of theft or vandalism, above the obvious material and time loss, other overhead costs will undoubtedly go up when replacing them through insurance. Your administrative team will have increased time spent dealing with adjusters and claims, and you will most likely see an increase in your insurance premiums.

Protecting Your Budget: Avoiding Construction Site Losses

It shows that having top-of-the-line security in place is a necessity. When it comes time to protect your project, be sure to partner with construction site companies that can provide various services to keep your project’s assets safe, such as geofencing, security alarms, CCTV, patrol services, and on-site security guards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is construction security so important?
Site security is a vital part of a construction project, whether residential, industrial, or commercial. Theft and other criminal activity can happen from external sources or employees and internal trades, so having a proper security plan will help save money due to material loss and timeline delays.

What can happen on a construction site?
Without a proper security plan, your site is open to several issues, such as theft, vandalism, arson, safety liabilities, and insurance fraud, to name a few. A comprehensive plan will deter any criminal activity and negligence from intruders and external threats.

What type of technology works best on a construction site?
Any job site can benefit from various security technologies such as alarms, geofencing, video surveillance, and remote access control systems. In addition to these services, your construction site security plan should include in-person deterrence, such as an on-site guard and patrols.