You may have seen a bodyguard on duty at some point in your life, or you may have been near one and not even realized it. Bodyguards provide many vital services for high-profile clients such as extremely wealthy individuals, celebrities, and controversial public figures. Another way they keep clients safe is by working with spouses during a conflict or any public member who feels threatened for any reason. If you want to know how a bodyguard can keep you safe, read on for 16 real-world executive protection services cases.

16 Examples of Bodyguard Protection Services

Personal bodyguards provide numerous services to keep their clients safe and secure. Here are some of the ways you can engage a bodyguard for hire:

    1. Protection of high-profile persons, politicians, and celebrities at an event, during trips, or on the day-to-day.
    2. To provide a visible deterrence for criminals.
      Bodyguards can interact closely with clients, working with people who have dynamic schedules.
    3. Bodyguard protective services can be a team who monitors an individual, or group of clients, from a distance.
    4. Your bodyguard can dress in plain clothes or uniform, depending on the situation.
    5. They can provide armed or unarmed services.
    6. Ex-military guards have unique combat experience that can be useful for many clients.
    7. Off-duty police officers are known for their vast experience in high-stress, real-world situations.
    8. Some personal protective guards have extensive martial arts training for takedowns and apprehensions.
    9. Citizens with personal security threats, such as a restraining order against another person, can engage a bodyguard.
    10. Bodyguards can arrive first to secure public areas before their client’s arrival.
    11. Perform background checks on others in proximity to their client.
    12. Security escort for safe transport to and from events, public areas, or international travel.
    13. Crowd management services.
    14. Bodyguards can be on the lookout for suspicious activity.
    15. Personal protective services will always have the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Bodyguards for Hire in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a bodyguard and security guard the same?
There are often many skills that crossover between these two roles, but the main difference between the two is that security guards are often responsible for protecting a premise, and a bodyguard is typically responsible for a client’s safety.

What makes someone a good bodyguard?
Bodyguards need a well-rounded skill set that makes them great candidates for the job. Someone who would provide excellent protective services has a background in combat or defense, is calm through adversity, is in excellent physical condition, and has excellent decision-making in a split second.

How can I hire a bodyguard?
Not just anyone will do when it comes to your and your family’s personal protection. In Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, Califonia, and Phoenix, Arizona, Acclaim Guard Services provides the best bodyguard services.