What do a retail store, industrial warehouse, construction job site, and strip mall have in common? These businesses all need reliable security services for a safe, profitable, secure space.

Mobile patrol services are the most common type of security for businesses of all shapes and sizes as they can offer many benefits to business owners. Here are 8 reasons patrol security services are an asset for your business.

8 Ways Patrol Services Benefit Your Company

Personal bodyguards provide numerous services to keep their clients safe and secure. Here are some of the ways you can engage a bodyguard for hire:

  1. Visible deterrent to criminals. Having a security guard patrol the premises is a great way to keep the potential for criminal activity low. Criminals are less likely to target a business that has mobile patrols on site.
  2. Saves you money. Theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity are expensive. A mobile patrol security guard will protect you from loss or damaged material costs and increased insurance premiums.
  3. Safer job sites. Nothing is more important than having a safe workplace environment for your employees. Security guards can walk employees to their cars and act as the first line of defense should an incident occur.
  4. Can monitor multiple locations. Suppose your business spans more than one location or even one extensive place. In that case, a patrol can ensure that all areas are secure, especially ones that are difficult to monitor by a video camera.
  5. 24-hour protection. Many job sites and businesses are a target of theft during the night when there are fewer people around to catch a thief or vandal in the act. A security guard can offer the added benefit of night patrol services.
  6. Speed of execution. If an incident does arise, a mobile patrol can respond quickly and will typically be the first to arrive and provide assistance, first aid, and help control the scene.
  7. Customized for your business. One of the most significant benefits of a patrol service is it is 100% tailored to your company and its unique needs.
  8. Flexibility. Mobile patrol guards are ideal for companies that need a dynamic security option. They can check out suspicious activity, work around specific timeframes and schedules, and monitor several day-to-day security activities in one shift.

Acclaim Guard Services Commercial Patrol Services

If you are considering engaging a mobile patrol security guard for your business, partner with a reliable company to keep an eye on your employees and investment. Acclaim Guard Services provides the best patrol services in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Phoenix with highly trained personnel and an above and beyond client satisfaction attitude. Call 1-866-PATROL-9 (1-855-212-2252) or send an email through our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is security patrol?
Security patrol refers to a security guard, or multiple guards, patrolling your home or business on foot, bike, or by motor vehicle. Security patrols will often watch over numerous sites and can do so throughout different times of the day and night.

Why should I use security patrol vs. security guard?
While both options have pros and cons, many business owners are leaning towards a mobile patrol service instead of a stationary security guard due to their flexibility, ability to monitor multiple areas, and 24-hour in-person monitoring.

What is the difference between commercial and residential patrol services?
Residential patrol services would typically be a patrol of a neighborhood community or a guard a homeowners association engages in watching over a residential area, gated community, or a condo building. On the other hand, commercial patrol services often entail patrolling warehouses, construction sites, storefronts, and industrial properties.